TNFro is Reading…12 Podcasts of Christmas Celebration, Coptic Christmas Merry Christmas Eid Milad Majid(عيد ميلاد مجيد)


FroBird, Spirit Animal

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When I originally  prepared this episode I became aware of just how little I knew of the celebration of Christmas in other countries, and how many of those traditions I would love to incorporate into my own celebrations!


In this episode of my 12 Podcasts of Christmas series, I will endeavor to explore Christmas Celebrations in  other exotic locations such as Egypt, Greece, and India. Although the celebrations can vary by date the focus on joy and hope represented in the birth of Christ.

And I will conclude with another reading from Dickens, A Christmas Carol.  “God bless you merry gentleman! May nothing you dismay!”

Still caroling in my head and enjoying my favorite Christmas Music on Amazon Music.

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