Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy…Aliens Exist. What do Hubble, GREGOR and CERN Supercollider have in Common? ST Corner, The Listeners Reading…

**Full Podcast Notes**


There is an incomplete Supercollider rusting in Waxahachie TX?

We could have been making major discoveries in Physics and advances in science when the construction of our own Hadron Supercollider was scraped in 2016. But we would allow a national emergency to be declared to fund, and 5 billion dollar unnecessary border wall…I just can’t even

ST Corner

Ships of Star Trek

Fanfiction I’m Still Reading

I love this book because it is making the Federation and The Borg play nice and figure out how to exist without annihilating the other.

Trying my hand at Sci-Fi, my first effort aliens, invisible space ships, and Borg Trans-warp conduits oh my…Check out the full post at The Listeners Blog Page.

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