Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy…Chair Dancing to Madonna and NASA News, CQ-1, LEGO Shuttle, ST-Corner with Voyager and DS9 Docs, and More of The Listeners…

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NASA News (Play Madonna)

NASA Photo of the Day, Saturn In time for the Equinox, celebrate our Shuttle Program of course that is the Enterprise…

Biggest in Nerd News is Lego will start selling the 2000+ piece shuttle craft Discovery April 1st!! It’s on my calendar to buy it…no pre-orders!!(Play La Vie En Rose–Life in Happy Hues)

I am seriously thinking about doing a cocktail assembly party…

CQ-1, Club Quarantine First Anniversary–

The music almost stopped but the Legendary DJ kept the party going in the ultimate Zoom Party on Instagram…Check out his Feed…(Play Nee-Yo song)

Club Quarantine started as a way to reminisce on days gone by, and now grown into a call for social reform and specific platform for support during the dumpster fire that was 2020…

Also, his collab with Nee-Yo harkens back to a combo of 1970s disco and Chicago 2 Step Dance

D-Nice No Plans for Love (with Ne-Yo & Kent Jones) – Single

ST Corner

Ships of StarTrek-(Play ST Voyager Intro)

Of course this short of Voyager leaving Space Dock would be on Ships of Star Trek

More Voyager….

New ST Voyager Documentary name announced…

and Crowdfunding page on Indiego with amazing Merch!

This same film company also released a DS9 documentary What We Left Behind released in 2019 (Play DS-9 Intro)

…I had no clue how badly received this series was and how poorly treated the cast of this groundbreaking series was. But this documentary was amazing! And the intro by Rom, the Ferangi, and then the exit by Rom, Quark, Weyoun, and Tamar was brilliant! Yes, you just have to watch to figure out who they were…

It is clear to me as a fan of this ST Franchise that the series was treated unfairly by the studio execs and for the small group of ST purists. It definitely lived up to creator, Gene Roddenberry’s statement.

I think the cast, provocative storyline, character interactions reflected in the series was the grandest reflection of this. I definitely do not agree that this was the “Star Trek Soap Opera” and they did not explore enough. I think that misses the point of the intent of the series.

Books You Should Be Reading(Play Respect)

I have been writing more than reading this past week but these books have made it to Chattabooks for your purchase!

SCI-Fi Corner(Play Wild Signals, Conclusion RiverKnight)

This is a continuation of The Listeners my first foray into the Sci-Fi Genre. Next Chapter….Trust No Regrets

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Next Chapter…Trust, No Regrets

The Front gate buzzer sounds and Felicity’s cousin, Dorian, submits to a retinal scan. She points behind her to a blacked out SUV parked and idling it then pulls off as soon as the security camera focuses on the vehicle. Dorian notices no tags but her glasses also are equipped with a high-def camera that is taking pictures of the driver and a side view image of the passenger transmitting the the are photos back to Hackers Grotto which are then reconstructed and then ran through the facial recognition software that has been perfected Felicity and her husband, Dahl. So by the time Dorian parks around back and grabs some fresh coffee in the kitchen, she enters into Hackers Grotto and the two are not so undercover agents are identified as part of the special operations within Homeland Security…

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