TNFro is Reading…Still Moving Content to and Still Celebrating Getting Red-Listed for The Barnstorm Fest

I am still moving content to

I am thankful for all the views of the original notes but I find most helpful when I receive a listen or 2 from interested parties. So navigate to, Spotify or the other 8 Platforms and give me a listen!

COVID Musings…More in COVID Shenanigans, people will drop Acid but don’t trust the vaccine, TN Karens Suing School System because they are trying to keep their raggedy mouth kids safe. I also discuss monoclonal antibodies that may not work against Omicron variant.

So Over Silly People

Chair Dancing to New Bops from Drake, Little NasX, and Megan Thee Stallion and  Listening to Podcasts Gives me ideas about my own, Reading Sunday NYT…Sovereign State, Black Moors in Jersey…Book Reviews…President Obama is not the only gifted writer and avid reader.  Presidents Like Teddy Roosevelt read books and wrote reviews for the NY Times during their terms. I talk about Updated Chattabooks with Unbound and You Got Anything Stronger.

Over-Eating…Fried Pork Chops from The Shack but this pepperoni pizza from Marco’s

#Marco’s Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza

And fizzy Triple Sec Blue Vodka Tonic was just hitting!

Blue Vodka Fizzy Cocktail

I talk about #EthelMertz

#ethel at her cutest, now running around house barking at herself bark at herself in the windows

I am giving myself my own damn flowers by celebrating my continued increased Coverfly Ranking for Black Woman Down! I wrote the first draft in September 2021 and started entering in several contests since that time.

Current Badges, 1/4/2022

I plan to pitch as a Fictional Podcast or Limited TV series but I read a significant portion of the story of the script on the podcast …Black Woman Down-Alina is Missing.  Gabby Petito’s Unfortunate Death Brings attention to the danger of Domestic Violence, but how many other women have suffered the same fate and don’t make it into the news cycle? Let’s not forget the serial killings of transgendered women and indigenous tribal women have reached epic proportions. I wrote the original script in September and submitted it to 2 contest of which I am still in consideration but the 3rd, Barstorm Fest 2021

Black Woman Down Finalist Laurel

I placed as a finalist and was Redlisted that gives me crazy exposure on the Coverfly platform. I have said since I started the Pocast that my project is a passion project and I write about what I like and what interests me. But how cool is it when you get noticed and people dig your work?

Lean into the spirit of the New Year by counting your blessings, giving to others, and spreading happiness! I know I will!

It is the beginning of a New Year so be kind to your mind and others. Give love to receive love.

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