About Chocolate and Being Brave


I have been trying to come up with an idea for my first post. I wanted it to be simple and engaging. And then I got it! What one thing has the love of people of different ages across many countries? Chocolate!

Last May my husband and I were visiting a friend who lives in Austria in a small town near Graz and on one of the days while we were staying there we went to Zotter Chocolate Factory, organic chocolate manufacture based on principles of sustainability and fair trade. During the visit we watched a 30-minute film about the founder of the company Josef Zotter and his business, walked through the so-called Choco Shop Theatre, where you can see all the stages of the chocolate making process from picking the cocoa beans to wrapping the ready chocolate bars through the glass walls of the production halls, tasted “raw chocolate” (which has very little in common with the…

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