Side-Eye Side Bars

4 open writing and a video project… #nanowrimo2021 That’s 100000 words easily! I’m so here for it! A challenge but finding cool places to write on a train to Savannah or New Orleans or just drive and chill in my electric car because gas is 1000 bucks a gallon and my dog is scary and … Continue reading Side-Eye Side Bars

Side-Eye Side Bar

California dreaming in The Tennessee Valley of being invited to the Ebony Top 100 Gala and celebrated for being one of the best new writers of the year… #nanowrimo2021 Dude, I have to actually write something. Getting ready to crank out 300-1000 words a day for #nanwrimo2021 Are you ready to see your name up … Continue reading Side-Eye Side Bar

TNFro Is Reading…Side Eye Side Barbs, Getting Into the Rotation and Into the Ears The Letters to the State Rep and the Russian COVID dilemma is on my Dales Angels Inc Blog, look around and check out merch read for immediate shipping! State Of TN Assembly and Kristin Sinema is on One... Putin Befuddled that <40% of the Russian Population are not vaccinated at COVID rampages there... I … Continue reading TNFro Is Reading…Side Eye Side Barbs, Getting Into the Rotation and Into the Ears

Side Eye-Side Bar

If you demand good food, learn how to cook Noodles topped with fresh basil and marinated beef Don’t you wish you had Smell-o-vision? The dish formally known as full of noddles and beef Don’t be afraid to experiment. Support local eateries but you should be your best personal chef. No pants required

Side Eye-Side Bar

If you have a moment remember this… Hustle in spite of the world watching you Don’t be ashamed of your success., but don’t step on others success on your way up. The blow back is treacherous. Because just like hustling while the world watches, they going to watch you while you dance. Dancing! Brace for … Continue reading Side Eye-Side Bar