You Can’t Fix Stupid

COVID Extends this other epidemic of Mass Sociopathy

I have spoken and written about this phenomena in my Podcast in less cohesive terms, but I am learning that mass or collective sociopathy may just be a thing. And the pathogen or destructive inciting element was the former head-sociopath-in-charge, #chump45. Only in America can a truly trash human become a leader. This fool was fully bereft of common decency, consciousness, and sense. Left with a full arsenal, lawyers, politicians under his thumb and they were willing to suspend ethics and common sense to follow this charlatan in his reign of terror. This cancerous malignant presence is still operating still in this aftermath of Governors and state legislatures doing the most to galvanize a base of fools and to pervert the meaning of public health and safety. The base you are galvanizing are these anti-government sovereign state fools that side with you because the other side refuse to say this dumb -ish. They don’t won’t your representation no more than a man on the moon. Be careful with your words, these anti-government fools will activate and riot and cannot be controlled. January 6th riots is a result of that.

 I want to question my lawyer friends or readers, is it possible to enforce executive orders or laws that are contrary to public health and well being? I can’t understand how you can fine someone for ordering a private company to mandate the usage of an FDA approved vaccine to protect not only the workers by everybody in the public? It would seem that you can’t enforce stupid.

Florida Fines Key County $3.5 Million For Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines

DeSantis sues Biden administration over contractor vaccine mandate

Everytime I see another headline about DeSantis I think wow, the stupid Florida man actually is the governor for that state.

What Happens when big businesses say, Nah…and we outtie.

Money talks, and BS walks…at $900 million. Is this why DeSantis and Abbott are wildin’ out? Because the billions of dollars in big Pharma, telecommunications, banking, energy with the exception of the airlines, with Southwest and American telling Abbot to take a seat, have all remained eerily quiet they feel empowered to speak off the cuff because they still have the financial backing of these companies? Individual human rights is not more important that the collective good of society as a whole.

You can’t fix these lawmakers that are politicizing for whatever ends. If Marjorie is any example, she says the wildest dumb -ish and donations go up exponentially to her PAC. I have said this for a while, it is time to take a closer look at all the PACs. Firstly, at the sphere of influence the donors have, and the relative lack of regulation and shield from the IRS and campaign finance committee oversight they don’t have. The loud and wrong anti-VAX are assisting in lining these politicians pockets with the politicians actions and utterances not for the public good, but to line their pockets. It is the perfect scam at the expense of lives. We are at 700, 000 and counting.

Everybody Calls B. S. on Kyrie

Kyrie Irving’s Anti-Vaccine Explanation Ripped As ‘Both Bull And S**t’

This has to be probably the stupidest thing I’ve noticed Kyrie Irving has done, but the list of things continues to pile up. Not just forfeiting 18 million in lost salary from this season but another 168 million he stands to lose from a contract extension from his unwillingness to get vaccinated. 200 million US large is one hell of a “stupid tax” to pay for your stance. And no, you are not an expert and what more research can you find or conduct that is more than the other 200 million people that have safely been vaccinated and that research is already available? He wants to be the voice to the voiceless the people that are most vulnerable are these anti-VAX or‘s. There’s no real sane reason not to get the shot. It’s a sad day when even Charles Barkley is the voice of reason urging you take get the vaccine. It doesn’t make any sense except that this guy doesn’t want to do something that could help someone else. Any reason he could give is purely selfish. He doesn’t care about his team. He doesn’t care about the fans. He definitely doesn’t care about my asthmatic ass. So he anyone like him can kick rocks, suffer indefinite suspension, but I doubt even that will change his mind.

A co-signers like Chris Brown and the folks storming the Barclays Center in BKN…sigh. I have no words.

Does Inaction or Anti-Public Health Rhetoric Elevate The Offenses to Charges of Crimes Against Humanity? Well Maybe…

Other countries, and US states, lead by sociopaths, you need to pay attention to what is going on in Brazil. This is the only other country with as many deaths as the US and lead by a #cheeetohincharge disciple.

Brazil senators recommend Bolsonaro face charges over COVID

Covid-19 Updates: Brazil Senators Seek to Charge Bolsonaro Over Virus Response

Brazil Senate committee backs criminal charges against Bolsonaro

This process is similar to our impeachment process, but I hope more effective.

His accounts on social media platforms YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for falsely alleging that Covid-19 vaccines were linked to AIDS were frozen.

“The report calls for the president to be indicted for nine crimes related to his downplaying Covid-19 and flouting expert advice on containing it. 
They include “crimes against humanity,” “prevarication,” “charlatanism,” and incitement to crime.
The committee does not have the power to bring charges itself, and it is unlikely the attorney general or lower-house speaker — both Bolsonaro allies — will open criminal or impeachment proceedings. The president, who took office in January 2019, has said he does not plan to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and joked in the past the vaccine could “turn you into an alligator.” He may actually escape prosecution in his own country because of allies in high-places, but I wonder if the Hague will convict him and other like him for their actions?

Part of the Solution

The only way to emerge from this fog of division and polarization is truth.

Meet The Medical Experts Debunking COVID Misinformation On TikTok

As a medical professional, I have the explicit challenge to debunk false information. Shame and derision does not help, but neither I am going to waste my breathe or trying to restate facts. I am not going to debate fools. You have a right not to be vaccinated and not follow the rules. But you don’t have the right to put of us at risk. Nah son, not happening.

They take an oath to do no harm, but these doctors are spreading misinformation about the Covid vaccine

Providers that spread false or misleading information about the vaccine or any safe vaccine or medical therapy should forfeit their right to practice. And the medical boards of their hospitals or practice need to put them on notice or revoke their right to practice. We have to get on the same page find some common ground, or we will continue to be stalked and killed by COVID. What keeps this nutso cuckoo pandemic going is greed, division, and discord. I will fight the good fight with the sword of truth and use my platform for that purpose.

What are you doing to end the crazy or how do you keep from going crazy?

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