From #WestwardFro to #WestwardNo Part III, The Long Trek Back to NC

So this is what I got I have exactly 4 days before I leave the wettest state in the union.  My feelings are mixed because although I’m a little leery of having to drive 3100 to 3200 mi.² along I’m ready to get up at Oregon.As a child of the South, I do not understand this weather I don’t understand how I can be 30° and raining wet. In the south we have snow we have rain we have ice but 200 days of water falling from the sky is not what we do. There are some things I have had to do in prep for my trip back to the East that I never thought I would actually have to do.  Just like anything I do better with checklist so I am going to finish off this three-part series detailing my preparation to going back home.

How Will You Get Back Home

I had to dry out my RV and truck. Since it’s been raining for the past two weeks, the inside of my truck has had an accumulation of moisture unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I pull back the cover on my driver side and there is like almost inch water from a plug in the the drainage and is backing up into the floorboards. I’ve had to put down puppy pads to soak up the excess water and I will have to have the carpets dry clean or clean because there is mold growing in the back and the front of a car that’s only six months old. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. I have to figure out if the solar power packed that I have will actually power my entire rig.


RV Solar Panels

Plot Your Course

Where exactly am I going ? I wish I  could have taken more time to explore the Pacific Northwest but it just rains too damn much. Have a old-school paper map plot out your route there are going to be certain areas of the interstate does not have any signal so therefore Google map so your maps  on your phone is just not gonna work and you will get lost.  I would strongly suggest if you have to cross the Sierra Nevada’s this late in the season’s don’t be like the old school pioneers on Oregon Trail go further south, then cross on I 40.  Don’t look back like lot you will turn into a pillar of salt.


The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park to Los Banos West _ I-5 KOA Journey - Google Maps

First Check-in on my way Home

Use the app,, to find something interesting around where you’ll be driving. I strongly suggest limiting your time on the road. However you can actually be productive while driving and consider starting a video journal while you’re driving. This will actually help you focus and also keep you awake.

Middle Console Organization

Make sure you have all of your gas discount cards in the center console so you don’t have to fumble around and look.  Have at least a couple of cans of Mountain Dew or some type of energy drink that will keep you awake to get to the next rest stop. Where are your phone chargers and do you have an alternate source of power? Get your playlist together, Frank Sinatra is great for when you are off the road for the night, but is sleep inducing when behind the wheel.

Prior Day Prep

Make sure you gas up the day before. Make sure you wash and dry your clothes again the day or two before you get on the road. Make sure you stock up on nonperishable foods and drinking water just in case you get stranded. Where is your yoga mat? You will need to keep centered and stretch your muscles on this trip. Where are your sneakers? Don’t trip and not think you won’t exercise! You have to keep moving and stay strong!

Survival Kit


Survival Kit

I caution against off roading, but sometimes with bad weather or landslided, a reality when headed through the mountains. The components should include and expanded first aid kit. Consider having at least a 5 gallon gasoline in case you are remotely no where near a gas station. Wood and a lighter. MREs(dry packed food for a few days). Bottled water if necessary. Ensure a light source, check batteries and replace batteries on conventional flash light, make sure your LED latern in fully charged. Stock flares and candles if necessary. Also, some Jim Beam or Gentlemen’s Jack with regular Coke


Snake Bite Away or Stop Throat Punch Kit

Olive juice vermouth for a Dirty Bombay Sapphire Gin Martini should be part of your survival kit to get your sip on by the campfire.

Keep Your Contacts Posted

Make sure your friends know that you will be making such a long trip I would strongly suggest checking in with them during bathroom breaks and before you actually turn in for the night. I would consider posting an electronic version of your route online and on Facebook so again as many people know as possible where you’re actually are and where you’re headed to. There’s always safety in numbers.

RV Preparation

The following are questions that all RV owners should be asking. What is the overall status of your RV? Is the hitch intact and can it hold up to 10,000 pounds? Have you had the roof sealed recently? How were the tires and have you applied air or check the air pressure? What is the status of your water pump?  Have you check the level of water in the fresh water tank? Have you done any purification of the water or used the tissue and solid waste digester for the black water tank? Have your recently filled your propane tanks, and are the tanks up to code? Did you know tanks can expire? Are they secured? People jacking propane and batteries like copper coil a few years ago. What is the status of your hot water heater? It’s going to be imperative that you’re going to be able to take a hot shower nightly on a trip of this length.  what is the status of your refrigeration? Are you able to replace the $1100 split-level refrigerator or can you get by on replacing the ice on a 3 to 4 day cooler? Once home, where will you park your RV? Can your jacked up F150 fit in your normal-sized garage? Most of the storage units in the Southeast actually can accommodate RVs of various sizes including up to the class a luxury coaches. So I don’t really think that there will be an issue of for them to accommodating my 26 foot travel trailer. And if I collapse the side mirrors it will fit, I am just not sure if it will clear the door.



Final Words…

This was the adventure of a lifetime,  moving to and working in the Pacific Northwest. But it is basically like Mardi Gras, you do this one time and say you did it and go back home and you  continue with your life. But you never, ever,  want to do this nonsense ever again.

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