Taking to the rails

So last year I bought a rail ticket with the intent to cross America by rail. That didn’t happen, because I had to resign from that pit of a hospital in Oregon, fly out to training, then fly back to drive the rest of 4000 miles to NC. Now I am settling back into NC and I want to discover the South and take full advantage of the trains that run from Fayetteville, Selma, and Wilson.

I don’t understand why there aren’t daily trains from Raleigh to the Coast. I don’t understand why more people don’t take the train. 95/264 suck and gas is high. We have to have alternatives to the traffic. I want people to see and love what I see. If more people took a reliable train how much would our carbon imprint be reduced? As I hack my brains out because of poor air quality how much better air quality would be?

I am hopeful not only would this interest people to travel differently, but I hope to find out the quality of the tracks and barriers to commuter service. So trains here I come! I hope you will continue to follow the musings of #NCFro as I take to the rails as a #BoosieHobo….Next stop, Savannah, GA!


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