#NCFro Takes To The Rails

I am too excited!!! Once I cooled down from the 8 minute death march through the heat…no parks next to station all ripped up for construction of new hotel or baseball park. I get to ride down to Savannah and I can’t wait for last call at the riverside hotel!!

First order of business, the rail card was a bit confusing:”First Day of Travel Thursday, May 10, 2018

All travel must be completed within 330 days of reserving the first travel segment or within the selected travel duration of the pass once the first travel segment is reserved, whichever comes first”

Meaning I don’t travel at my leisure or have 330 days to complete it all I got 15 days to complete all of that travel.

So if I was going to do that solo trip across the US, then that ticket type makes sense.

It’s all good! I am on my way! Next post…from the train!!!

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