Eating Righteous BBQ

I am so hopeful Guy from Triple D comes here! I wrote this recommendation on FlavortownUSA site:

Check out Sandfly BBQ in Savannah GA!

The place is housed in an old school diner across the road from The Savannah College of Design there are dollar bills lining walls and the only waitress is a bit…well, stank, but I love the music and fresh sweet tea and Holy Heart Attack on a plate!!! The Mac and Cheese balls with bacon deep fried in duck fat and Brunswick Stew are to die for!!! I had to count my fingers after sucking down the ribs!! Whoops, ribs not cooked completely to bone let’s see how this will be rectified. And 2nd batch even better, oh my Lawd!!! These sure were good!!! Please visit here and tell them Felicia Sent You!

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