You gotta like who you are where you are at least sometimes

Sunrise in a place I love.

Smoke from the pit of the BBQ joint I love on the ridge wafting in the air.

The scent of curry from my favorite ramen joint in downtown.

I feel like an artist here. I create here.

Sundown in KY, I am safely in my hotel room.

Hopefully, my truck won’t be keyed or side swiped due to haterism.

Don’t tell supervisors of your fears, because they are remote…remotely out of touch with my reality. I resent that.

No where to go anyways, everything closes at 9 except Walmart, and I don’t need ground coffee or 80 rolls of TP.

I have been complaining about wasting gas in my head since I filled up at the TA in Knoxville.

Shoulders up near my ears.

Neck in knots.

Dreading starting another day here, but biding my time.

Planning my exit to start my weekend.

I want the sun to set where I like who I am.

@TNFro The Unpoet @NCFro

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