It’s Holy Week Ya’ll 2

All aboard the night train

With Stops in Knoxville, Williamsburg, Boonesborough, Lexington

Then there is the rest of Kentucky.

Smaller towns dot the Ohio River like heaps of trash

Circled by buzzards.

Gas Up Chile!!

Don’t Stop keep driving less you get trapped here!

Don’t act out, sarcasm lost on these closed minds.

A career can stagnant if left to fester here.

You will turn on yourself if you stay

Your mind will fry.

So pass your time playing it safe.

Working smart and not too hard.

Stay healthy, because you sure can’t get sick here.

Wellness is not a priority here.

The day is coming soon when you will be honored to write always

And a request for a response is not an imposition.

Being an adult means producing when there is no expectation.

Outperforming even when you have to create the tools to build your path,

And all bets are for your failure. 

By TNFro, The Unpoet

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