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I Say This from Love-Just F…In Stop

By TNFro the Unpoet

Why are married people against adjusted single people?

Or better yet why are married women against adjusted single women?

Why is it necessary to be hooked up with someone?

Why do married women become unwanted matchmakers?

Suppose I am living my best life with platonic friends and the occasional date.

I don’t have it all in your opinion because I’m not in a relationship.

What if I don’t need to subscribe to that typical social construct of a traditional relationship with the family, the home, the career?

That –ish is from the 1950s. Girl bye.

Prevailing perceptions, really so what and I truly don’t give a F-in crap.

What’s wrong with working and loving what I do and getting paid to do what I do?

 I make my own choices and don’t have to clear it with anybody else. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

No I don’t think it’s time for me to settle down with some guy.

My main reason for settling down because I want to travel for fun and not work.

And I’m tired of being strip-searched when I travel domestic.

I like my routine and I’m not confusing it for being in a rut.

Do you wish true happiness for me or do you want my life?

Do you want me to be just as miserable as you?

Dude, I am trying to understand your pain.

But I know you don’t understand that  my lack of not being in a couple is why I am happy.

So do you want to take the Advil or do you want to wallow in the pain?

But as for me and mine, I’m not going to be free entertainment.

 You have to get out of your pain and find a positive outlet.

 I don’t do free. I am not Captain save a Ho.

 I am not a therapist.

I will not be dumped on with a whole bunch of psychological BS.

Yes, you need help but I’m just not the one.

Just F-In stop and think.

Stop trying to pull me into your drama because I’m so not the one.

I am so aggressively single and dedicated to being a mentally and spiritually whole person that abstractions that compose your life are just not really for me and they’re actually annoying.

Stop complaining about your hate for your job or your life and your family.

Stop complaining that you hate where you are at the stage of your life because you are not doing anything about it.

If you want to go further stop being a dumb ass and learn the wonder of saying no to people and situations that are holding you back.

Why am I finally happy?

 I put my head down to the grindstone for almost 3 years and got really good at something.

I have hobbies and I don’t get caught up in a whole bunch of nonsense.

 I avoid situations and people that harsh my natural mellow.

The ignore and do not disturb buttons on my iPhone are better than sliced bread.

 I don’t need to be called for idle chitchat .

I don’t need constant contact.

Just stop being negative.

Just stop being stupid.

Just F-in  stop talking me to death.


Oh now I get it.

It is easier to deflect and fix others and you don’t have to deal with your own BS.

I am not going to be your reason to procrastinate, you’re going to have to fix whatever it is that ails you.

My life may not the typical ending to a 1994 ROMCOM but that doesn’t mean I won’t get my happily ever after my happy ending may still be in the cards I’m just not as focused on it like you.

So get out of my grill.

 Just F-in Stop.

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