D-Day 75th Anniversary: Why we can never forget

Why We Are Free

On this day 75 years ago almost 9300 Americans laid down their lives on that heavily fortified beach in Normandy France over half a world away. They did it without hesitation, they died so we might be free, from tyranny and hatred. They fought and won against an enemy that was opposite of everything we represented and hated us for who we were. I am so proud of that fighting spirit that binds us together as Americans, it really is what defines us as a nation. Yes, we live in troubled times, and we have so much work to do to continue to protect our freedom of thought and to continue to create positivity. But let’s just take a moment to reflect and to express an unending gratitude for all the warriors did. This day, we can’t forget that great undertaking, and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. We can’t forget those that performed their duty with honor and with pride. For this, I thank all for their service.

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