TNFro Is Reading The Librarian of Auschwitz and 4 other books

Welcome to another episode of of #TNFroIsReading. And this is chatty #TNFro broadcasting. Try as I might, the episode still is over 30 minutes, I will endeavor to shave it down, but people keep saying or doing stupid stuff.

Part 1. Shameless commercial plug for my book, #NotMyFamilyWhenTiesShouldNotBind available on Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Amazon.

Part 2. I will talk about my Daily Affirmation, which are the Felicia I will and I ain’t doing that list.

Part 3. I have added a TNFro Medical Minute, because you can take the girl out of the hospital but not the hospital out of the girl. This portion will discuss commercial insurance trivia and holistic medicine tidbits.

Part 4. I will talk about my Unwoke Chronicles, because I am 2 years behind who should be cancelled and I don’t agree.

Part 5. I have the Who Will be Invited or Disinvited to the BBQ, my take take on the 2020 Democratic Nominations.

Part 6. My dream and list of books and wines for Chattabooks and Winebrary.  That grumpy proprietor of All Books may get an offer.

Part 7 I will round it out by having a reading from #NotMyFamily and my answers to the Proust Questionnaire.

And then it’s a wrap for the episode. Really Chatty, but hopefully entertaining.

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