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Wrong Way #WestwardFro

 Okay you have to hum the next verses to the  tune of the Beverly Hillbillies in your head as you sing the following verses to yourself…

 Here’s a little story about a girl with a Fro 

Who drove 3500 miles with an RV in tow

Little did she know she would get caught in  snow 

A late storm that is

In April…

On the Donner trail…in the high sierras…

      Well first thing you know the story could have ended right there.

       But she persevered showed up in Oregon a little worse for wear 

And almost fit to bare.

Oregon turned out NOT to be

The place she needed

So 7 months later she packed up her truck and headed back East to Tennessee

Hills that is , 


candied bacon, 

single malt whiskey….

Everyone should have a theme song for their life…my country-behind has a version of the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song.

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