TNFro Is Reading I’m Lying And Lady Sings The Blues

This week has been very interesting reading and writing week…in this episode of TNFro is Reading I will be congratulating Black Excellence,My Unwoke Chronicles Segment, Random Shit and Iconic Weekend Recap with My Cousin Viva Brown as we watched the Cowboys Whip the Redskins…Who knew Maxine Waters was a fan!!

Viva Podcast Guest, Catching The Vapors as Representative Waters Passes

Invites to the BBQ(2020 Democratic Candidates) and those who get the Side Eye Phyllis Schafly, Donna Rotunno, and Lisa Bloom.

Viva Recovering from a Maxine Waters Sighting

I will take my Read from I’m Telling the Truth But I’m Lying and Lady Sings The Blues.

I will round it out with my Daily Affirmations and Intentions before I conclude the Show. 

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