6 of 12 Podcasts of Christmas TNFro Is Baking Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread Cookies with and Without Bacon Toppings and Reading Dickens a Christmas Carol


Oh its about to go down! This one promises to be one of the most fun to produce! This is part 1 of the Gingerbread v Sugar Cookie discussion with myself!


We are in the holiday season and people are having cookie exchanges and swear up and down that the holiday season is not the same if they don’t have sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies. Well, neither is my experience, and both recipes seem well…kind of lame and they need to be jazzed up with the duct tape of food…BACON!!! That’s right ya’ll I will be adding bacon bit instead of sprinkles to my cookies and seeing how it flies! Hmm…I wonder if adding a little softened bacon fat instead of butter will give it an additional savory dimension…I’ll let ya’ll know! I am not a chef so this episode and I may have to make this episode Explicit due to the cussing you may hear in the background, just sayin’ consider yourself warned.


Buttered Rum is the Devil. With or without bacon…Hot_Buttered_Rum.jpg



I will also perform a reading from Dickens Christmas Carol with jazzy Christmas Carols in the background. Navigate to my Black Excellence in Christmas Music, Mariah Carey’s Classic All I Want For Christmas Is You is Number 1 after 25 years!! https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/black-excellence-in-christmas-music/pl.u-Ymb00vgT6yKzj






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