TNFro Is Reading…8 of 12 Podcasts of Christmas Preacher’s Wife, Listening to Whitney’s Deck the Halls/Silent Night Mash Up, and More from Dickens A Christmas Carol

Happiness Is listening to amazing music, preparing to see the latest Star Wars Movie, feeling blessed because I am here…


I am still adding to Black Excellence in Christmas Music.

Add suggestions to the playlist in the comments, be careful you won’t be able to resist bopping’!




Did you know Marvin Gaye released music?

All I want for Christmas Is you is streaming #1 25 years later…Listen and stream Whitney Houston’s  Deck The Halls/Silent Night Mash up from her One Wish-The Holiday Album from 2003 her voice…amazing! Let’s see if we can stream her to the top 25 for the season!


Part of another tradition I decided to watch her in the Preacher’s Wife, a role she turned down for 1 full year with  Denzel Washington asking!!  She infamously admitted in 2009 to Oprah because she didn’t feel she would be comfortable dressing as a middle class housewife and couldn’t relate to being in love with a “good boy”. But finally she drew on her character, Julia, love for her family and church.



The Preacher’s Wife


Cool_Pic_of_Denzel_Whitney_Courtney.jpg       By her own admission her drug usage was out of control at this time.  I just have the feeling she never felt worthy and maybe she understood the hypocrisy of her own family. And if Robin Crawford’s Memoir a Song for You was any indication, this emulated her real life and the part hidden and maybe she didn’t want to deal. I wish someone like Dudley could have told her how worthy she was. I didn’t know Loretta Devine was in this movie?!? Lionel Ritchie was the music director of the church choir….Gregory Hines Scrooge like penny pinching Scrooge character perfect dichotomy between the reverend and business reality.


Kind of apropos that I am reading A Christmas Carol…


Seasonal Affective Disorder Is Treatable

     Today, is such a bright and sunny day sit next to the window if still too cold listen to uplifting music, and watch your favorite movie or search for a new favorite…So much of the movie was prophetic for the life and tragic death of Whitney Houston. I can only wonder if she had truly sought help for her low self esteem and drug addiction how much further she could have gone.

If you are searching for help and direction in your struggles with depression and addiction

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday

There is also an online chat feature

And if Vodka is the problem, call  1-800-662-HELP (4357) for 24/7 help.

And I will conclude with another reading from Dickens, A Christmas Carol. 

“God bless you merry gentleman! May nothing you dismay!”

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