Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy…Romulan Reclamation Site Backstory


I was completely floored when I watched the ending to a fabulous episode 1 of Star Trek Picard. It forced me to go online and research and develop a timeline of events that lead to the intersection of the Borg and the Romulans and share with other Trekkies.




Knowing the backstory of how all of these civilizations; Iconians, Romulans, Borg, Dominion, intersected and how Picard played a major role in the conflicts and eventual resolution was important for me to understand the particular story line in the new  Star Trek Picard Series. I also wanted  to consider alternative story lines to explore as I progress in playing STO and developing fan fiction for the Star Trek Wiki that is over 54000 pages and growing.


The second episode of Picard will probably drop in the morning and I will be watching and posting on my breaks tomorrow! I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I will enjoy commenting on it!


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