Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy…Getting My Butt Kicked on STO and Watching Picard


Celebrating my Canadian listeners, overseas; Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, and Saudi Arabia…Hey Ya’ll!!!

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Getting My Butt Kicked on STO I cannot figure out how to shoot my phaser nor fight off  Bat’leth wielding Klingons


So to use the my weapons had no idea how to get weapons and then to use them you hit 

                    (CTRL+number row) or (Alt+number row)...Freakin' who 
knew and I hope and won't spazz out and die before I get away from the landing party.

A little tidbit, I am now also playing Star Trek Timeline starting with the Original NCC 1701 Constitution Class Star Ship


and I have found an interesting tidbit in why the Romulans hate synthetics and in particular the Borg…Q


punished the Romulans in a war with the Federation by sending them into Borg


Space. Kind of sets up Q as setting the stage, of course for his maximum entertainment, this course for conflict between Borg and Romulan and his obsession with Picard puts him right in the middle. 


and Watching Picard Episode The Impossible Box and why it and my Play Play Boyfriend, Elnor, got 5 blasts from my phaser!!!


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