WTF America…RONA Shenanigans and People Saying Dumb Ish…

What In the Freak in’ Hell Is Wrong With Ya’ll?!?!

I will be posting this as part of my weekly podcast. I  find freedom in scripting and producing my passion projects my podcast, my book, and now a script for direct to streaming screenplay. I recently started the WTF portion of my TNFro Podcast because I can’t pass up the cray-cray -Ish that is masquerading as news and things that don’t make a whole bunch of sense.

Less urgent is figuring out why I have fleas in a home with hardwood floors and oh yeah, I haven’t had a pet since I had to euthanize my dog Fred in 2015. Fred was always well groomed,  flea and tick free. These biting Mo-Fos have jumped from the stray cats that like to lounge on my G-D front steps, seriously. But a nice eucalyptus and lemon oil spray, I got something these bitches…

Fred the Dog

The other nonsense comes from the shit-show we call our current administration and the brainless cronies that do Chump45’s bidding.   Chris Christie, the former governor of NJ, response to the possible 3000 deaths of Americans per day by August or even June as inevitable and necessary to protect our economy or the American way of life is probably the most…stupidest -Ish I have heard in a minute. Protect life by  letting people die when they don’t have to…are you for real? There is no life if everyone that means anything is dead. I just don’t get it, from front line workers to food delivery, this is not a drill these fools are trying to kill us, and they don’t give a damn. My life is worth so much I am unwilling to risk it for brunch, for nails or hair appointment or anything so mundane. Corona has questioned what is the American Way of life exactly, and what in the ham-sandwich are we protecting?  Safe vermin free home, AC, clean water, reliable internet, accessible healthcare by skilled professionals,  fresh food, and a change of clothes, basic necessities everything else is gravy and not necessary but kind of nice to have. The excess and debauchery is what Chump and his band of fools are trying to preserve at the risk of my life, a price too high to pay, and I am not paying it. Screw you, you Cheetoh complected mug, I’m not doing it!! In the words of my play-play boyfriend, Elnor the Romulan, I choose to live!

Then you go to the Lincoln Memorial complaining about how people are picking on you and disrespecting you, all things said to you are no worse than the vitriol you have put out into the universe, payback is a tweet. If you want people to stop being mean to you then stop being mean, if you want people to stop bullying you, then stop being a bully.  Chump if you would just lead; stop talking like a petulant 8 year old, inspire hope, encourage the development of a vaccine, encourage safe treatments, report transparent and realistic numbers, provide PPE, fast and reliable testing, equitable government bailout funds, people would not drag you. Well at least I wouldn’t, so don’t cry about people subjecting you to the same crap you dish out. Typical bully, cries like baby when a bigger bully calls their bluff.

I will probably post again May 16th because the line up for the day will be truly dope! UF commencement will be online. Oprah and her star studded friends will also be speaking to celebrate the Class of 2020. But the ultimate will take over all the major networks and streaming services….

Class 2020 Called And President Obama Responded

President Barack Obama will be live and spreading an encouraging word at 2 and with the First Lady will repeat at 8. I am thinking about taking the day off to watch it all UN-interrupted. So I am waiting for some dumbness from the WH. But wait…a valet and press secretary tested positive for Corona and Chump and Grand Dragon are not quarantining, not following the rules will get you killed, but they are invincible in their minds. And still inviting the last WW2 heroes to the WH all in the most vulnerable age group and forcing the graduating class of West Point for a photo op to NYC, the epicenter of this nonsense, I can’t even…I’m tired please stop it.

Oh P-Diddy…He started out sane, and called himself putting Uncle Joe Biden on blast on Naomi Campbell’s Podcast. A lot of us are asking Uncle Joe, what have you done for us lately? Puffy is right the Black vote is not free, he goes on to say, “We want to know very clearly. Just like Trump made it clear that he wanted to build a wall, Biden needs to make it clear that he’s gonna change the lives and quality of life of black and brown people,” Diddy continued.  “Or else he can’t get the vote. I will hold the vote hostage if I have to.” Wait what? You nor Cardi, have they level of pull. Blacks will vote, we have to vote to not be under the BS of this current administration and this statement would have been more effective earlier on when we choices. It is not 1993 when you were king of Bad Boy Records, stop it, and go and sit down somewhere.

I have increased my wine cabinet and have a full bar with top shelf booze and food delivery pairings are on fleek. I’m good for months. I can explore the world on Google Earth for now and dream of places I would love to decamp as an ex-pat and scenes for potential screenplays. I have a job that I love, and my credit rating is coming up roses. As a unrepentant hermit, being on lock-down just reaffirms my love of solitude and living a drama free existence. But there are so many people that are not doing well at all. Headspace, Doctor on Demand, and most psychiatrist and therapists are offering telehealth services, please use them.  RONA is here and will not let up, utilize these services and don’t dump your emotional detritus on untrained and unsuspecting family and friends. Shame on you for being cheap and selfish…I’m tired of fussing now onto watching Waiting to Exhale.

Blessings and Stay Safe!! TNFro

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