Life…In Pursuit

In this new normal created by the RONA and protests to reopen the government, I have been given time or choose to use my time in silent contemplation. This morning my mind rested on The Declaration of Independence and the meaning of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Do we really have any clue what it all means?

The Declaration of Independence was a message to King George III and basically it said, “You trippin’ and we ain’t doing what you say anymore. Here are 27 reasons why and if you come at us, we gonna cut you.” (ebonically speaking) I am not sure what they expected to happen. The initial settlers were convicts and people fleeing religious persecution, they all had a streak of independence already. So, let’s break down the most widely known and incorrectly applied statements in Lockean thought, ever. (John Locke, philosopher Thomas Jefferson influencer)

We hold these truths…

Truths are fact or reality. The reality is RONA is not going away. Proper application of proven science and data with prudent governmental policy based on this data is how you fight a pandemic. Bullying and firing experts into supporting xenophobic, greed-based policies with no reason and contrary to reality is folly.

There is nothing in the declaration about responding to silliness and support for unwise and acting imprudently.

You cannot and really should not argue with a fool. Fools are silly.  Their arguments are limitless because they can pull nonsense out of thin air and call it truth. I absolutely lose it when I see news reports and so-called leaders holding court and saying absolute bullocks like, “Yes, we have to re-open schools but have no plan on how to do it safely.” How about shoring up the infra-structure for access to online and securing bandwidth for continuation of virtual education? Supply equipment and making sure the students have power? How about mobile hotspots and towers to boost signals to the areas that need it? RONA now has proven that we the rational and prudent individuals have to continue to search and process the truth. We must know that everything online or part of the continuous news cycle is not always based in fact, it is still up to us to search for the truth and decide what to believe.

To be self-evident,

Self-evident means obvious. You have a stealthy bastard of a virus that hangs out infects you and then forces the body to over-compensate and still wrecks your life. Populations we once though less vulnerable, healthy children are in the cardiac ICU with precursors of heart attacks and congestive heart failure. Prevention of spread and death by washing your hands and staying inside simple truth, duh.

That all men are created equal…

Really, I am not so sure about this one.  We can make an argument that people, women or men, have the possibility to reason and should have conscience. But daily we have evidence to the contrary. Take Nero…well he probably had tertiary syphilis, Jack the Ripper probably his parents were brother and sister, Ted Bundy sociopath, Jeffrey Dahmer cannibalistic sociopath, current administration…gang of elected sociopaths. People with identity crisis or narcissist will consolidate their power to support their vaulted image that they are so above commoners, but this grandiose self- image is in their heads. Game recognizes game, sane recognizes insanity. I am still hopeful truth will win.

That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…

Certain rights that other people, governments, churches can’t take away.

And here I must switch the last of this statement.


Too much freedom without regard to common sense is again folly. You are free not to pay your bills, not to pay taxes, or anything else that may make you a criminal, but you will go to jail.

The pursuit of Happiness…

Self-gratification, cheerfulness, satisfaction at the risk of community benefit or to the detriment of another’s life cannot be happiness. Yes, some people have this overwhelming drive to be part of a group to socialize but guess you won’t die if you are not in some crowded club, not seen in the new “In” restaurant because you won’t get sick nor put someone else at risk for your happiness.

That among these are Life,

Human life in its strictest sense is a collection of cells with a specific genetic code that works together to carry on specific activities and in a certain pattern. Knowing your purpose and accomplishing goals. One can argue self-awareness, ability to reason, and make decisions, clear or otherwise, separates us from the next class non-human mammals. If everyone is taken out by illness or is dead, there is no life. So pursuit of nonsensical things that will not better society, better your position in society that harms others makes no sense to me and I will endeavor that my new norm is not part of the old BS of the old norm.

Who is with me?

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