Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy…Survival Mode Episode 3 Code Blue, Hellz to the Naw and Tired Negro Musings in the Time of RONA





So many dead. 


A living pod of 10000 residents is a ghost town. 


Refrigerated tractor trailer line the streets. 


The only activity now is the squads in HazMat suits going door to door, removing the bodies. 


I am an orphan now. Ma and Papa scientist and government official, died within minutes on pallets of the floor of that hospital alone.


There was no time to prepare them to go home to the ancestors before their cremation within hours that was the mandate. 


My brother diagnosed, started to recover, then he got worse.  My sister in law taken out in one of those body bags. My nephew, might become and orphan. My Buddha, we may all be whipped out. 


The numbers coming from my country, triple them. 

–Xu Ping, Director of Wuhan Laboratory China, Orphan. February 2020. —



FEMALE NARRATOR-New Rona Barrett of Harlem.(Historical Reference, Old magazine Gurp) 

“Ugg, so typical tired negro of Katt’s husband. How in the world do you forget Valentine’s Day and not get cut??” Survival Code, 2020

Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Episode of Survival Code…XXL Men’s Depends, A Hybrid Land Rover with Black Thelma and Her Mama Louise.

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