TNFro Is Reading…Voting, Break Up with Blue Apron and Bourbon Love, Queen’s Gambit, Ode to House on Mission Ridge TN Side

I’m still pumped from my voting experience I voted early and in person here in Tennessee and I’ve never been so proud of myself and others


I watched this week I am a very disturbing special on A&E about child brides and I’m also just finishing watching Queen’s Gambit



a limited series on Netflix it’s actually pretty good flick 


I was completely underwhelmed about the reporting this week in the NYTimes and Free Press but I was impressed about the Hope September Edition of Vogue.




I am breaking up with Blue Apron Because of the Publix Gouda Mac and Cheese and the best friend chicken on the planet…



 I was reflecting on drinking uncle Nearest of Bourbon and why I was kind of boycott and basil Hayden’s because it was from Kentucky and I’m writing about a cute house on Mission Ridge have fallen in love with him what all that means and as always I thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoy this episode just as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it

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