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I endorse Democracy as a means of giving a voice to each one of us…some in government seem to have forgotten where we are.


Last week was a bit of a dud as far as new releases and books to add to Chattabooks,



but this week I have added Queen’s Gambit basis of the Netflix limited series of the same name.




The Book Collectors


Conditional Citizens


Straight from the Horses Mouth


to name a few…Don’t forget send an email to

for suggestions on any additions to my bookstore you would like to see. 

Staying True to my Twitter Handle, @tvfoodandwinegirl

I will be chatting about what I am cooking today, Beef Shira


an adaption of the Eritrean dish Shira, featured in the NYTimes Magazine today, but this is my picture I snapped before snarfing all down…and I added Ethiopia, a cookbook


to Chattabooks Cooking with #WidowVonne Cookbook Section


November is National Novel Writing Month! Last Year I re-wrote Not My Family and started on several projects. 


This year it’s pick your platform or topic, lots to write about…

I want to express my views and likes that encourage, entertain, in some instances educate. 


Please leave comments in the section after the notes or shoot me an email at If the comments are not too trolley, I might read it on air!


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