Stamped Section 2, From 1743–1846

I am who I am. Black, cys-gender, heterosexual. I work hard and I read to relax. This is how I see myself, and I really could care less how others perceive me. These are the things I don’t want to change about me. But I am willing to accept and pivot to accept and respect other choices or pronouns.  I am learning and putting into context words tossed around by the ultra-woke and the real stupid.

Social Construct

     Simply meaning or notion adopted by society with respect to how society with respect to how they view or deal with an event. Society’s perception of well, what society is, and other triggering words like gender, sexual preference, family with weaponization of tools like racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism to preserve at all costs the conservative and faulty construct of those before mentioned notions. These -isms breed fear and mistrust and allows people to do whatever necessary to preserve the faulty construct to the point they will lie to themselves about there not being a pandemic or that a whole race and continent, Africa or the indigenous tribes of North and South America, or our Jewish brothers and sisters deserve not to exist and we can force them to work, steal their riches, steal their lands and we justify it by racial superiority or to preserve whatever status quo.

                The Founding Fathers of America did us a disservice. They were building a society a country and had every opportunity to right the deeply wrong and racist paternalistic attitudes of Western Europe.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” If they could have look past their long skinny noses to realize that this could have read all of us are created equal. No one has the right to subjugate force labor can be educated to make an informed decision. But none of them had the balls to use the time and advanced thought of the Enlightenment to take this decisive step. Why break away from England and establish a government that is just as restricted and corrupt as England or any of the western European monarchies of the time? In Stamped, I realized they played us all. The Revolutionary War was fought primarily so we could have the benefit of the financial wealth and not have to share it with any other government. We won’t be made to fight any wars outside of borders nor send our tax revenue to far places to fight more wars. The economy of our country at the time noted, 1743 to 1846, was agrarian dependent on forced slave labor. England and other governments had outlawed the slave trade and was abolishing slavery across the continent, and clear present threat to the economy of the young American colonies. The words of equality and freedom written into our Declaration of Independence invalidating every contrary -ism to freedom. The Founding Fathers bought social unrest and other dissidence on all of us if they had been clear and true in the intent of the words.

Royal Society of England, KKK, Illuminati All the Same

These secret society are for rich white men. Smart in some respect, moronic and violent in the other, but with the same purpose to support White Supremacy. 130 years apart (yes more numbers) but the royal society of 1743 and the establishment of the KKK after the Civil War about the same. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are walking contradictions. TJ penned the Declaration of Independence owning hundreds Black Slaves and chilling with Sally Hemmings. He wanted to think of Enlightened ideology and hang out writing philosophical treatises at Monticello, but he bills to pay and had expensive French tastes for food and art.  Yes, he was greatly in debt and needed his slaves to work off those notes. His nonsense was accepted easier than another contemporary, Phyllis Wheatley, ex-slave, fluent in Greek and Latin and a better writer than he, but no one would publish her in this country. TJ would go on to make amends and compromise, the 3/5 compromise (3 black slaves for 1 white man) and the Missouri Compromise to stave off the inevitable. There is no compromise for crazy. You can’t enslave other human beings, point blank period. They tried and failed. But white supremacist try ingenuous. They flip the script and develop sharecropping, tying generations to land they don’t own and poverty for years. They pass Jim Crow laws stripping all non-whites to generations of servitude and poverty. They can pass sweeping crime legislation every century leading to mass incarceration where large prison plantations like Angola in Louisiana and Parchment in Mississippi operate with impunity. No oversight and no recourse but to serve lengthy prison sentences for stupid infarctions.

Who Should I Cape?

Always pick the progressive, anti-racist over 50 assimilationists,  i e. Cameron in KY and Tim Scott are assimilationists and I have no time for them. Two slaves trying to please “massa” in Virginia, sold out the Prosser’s who would have lead a revolt possible ending slavery in the colonies.  But fair warning to the Progressive, I am still learning every day. And I will not be culturally shamed. Don’t try to punk me on my own history when your lying ass ancestors re-wrote everything and wouldn’t let me learn. That will get you throat punched every time. I’m old, I’m cranky, and I have no patience. I will support anyone who wants to be on the right side of history. I don’t support liars, bullies, and dumb-asses, I just can’t.

Knowing yourself is knowing your history. Africans are not savages. Having a religion other than Christianity does not make you a savage. Being poor does not make you a savage. But if your belief that those that look and act differently than you has to be an error, then you are racist, and you have work to do. Because your racist beliefs and your whole social construct based on these narrow conservative racist views are wrong and will stunt your ability to evolve and for all of us to grow together. Racism deniers also have no place in this discussion because racism and every other -ism is so pervasive in our society. It is like if these fools admit to the existence of racism society will fall apart. No, but you will be on blast to do something about it.

So, the ball is in our court, what’s next?

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