TNFro Is Reading…2016 Birth of A Nation, Hillbillies etc, Stamped The Beatings Go On, Yo-Yo Ma, and Short Ribs

So much to watch and read so little time…

Birth of Nation 2016 Slave Rebellion of Nat Turner…


Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix…Meh Mee-Maw is Cool


Holiday Explosion

Hot Chocolate Nutcracker



Jingle Jangle


Sunday Dinner In Chattanooga:

Short Ribs, Rice, Green Beans and Red Cabbage 



Posted NASA News and Recap of ST Discovery

Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy Podcast


My Breakdown of Section 4 of Stamped


Chattabooks Additions: 


The Doll


Also there is still a large cohort of American voters and general dumbasses that need a bag of Gummi Penises. 


Navigate to Ship A Bag of Dicks and use my promocode: tnfrogotjokes

to get a percentage off your order and shipping.

Don’t forget to drop me a line at comments on the show or suggestions for Chattabooks additions.



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