The 11th of the 12 Podcast of Christmas Series

The Twelve Days of Christmas-

On the second day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
2 northern Robins
and a Cardinal in a Pear Tree

FroBird My Spirit Animal

My spirit bird, FroBird, travels searches for food…

Female Northern Cardinal

and companionship. Why does this couple look like they are fussing?

James and Florida Northern Cardinals…bahhaha

although a bit of a loner. But still stops to create beautiful shrill and warble music in the trees. Joining in a chorus with blessing us with song.

FroBird Chillin and Sippin’

Christmas during the “COVIK Panorama”, the holidays can be difficult in the best of times. But in this shit-show of a year seems to be the cruelest and anxiety inducing worst reality show ever, The End of America-A Limited Series, you make your happiness as safely as possible.

Reflective is the mood of the moment. We really can’t be safely move around or we shouldn’t. There is a virus hunting us, taking no prisoners. We still have people protesting mask wearing, white women yelling at the phones because their kid hyperventilated and passed out. I am sitting in my window watching a family strolling through pass on Mississippi, not a mask in the bunch…and I am yelling and gesticulating, where the hell is your mask? Ya’ll really don’t care do you? Then I pause, sip some of my dirty Martini and breathe…

Dirty Martini, Bombay Sapphire

It’s all good. I re-write my curse filled rant to directed at my dumb-ass neighbors. I pray you make it to get the vaccine next year, but I still have to be on my game to make sure I get there too. And blowing a gasket stroking out in my apartment is not helping anything.

People ask me about the birds. Because that evil looking bird with ‘Fro really makes me happy. Why post ramen pics to my instagram @tnfroisreading

Kimchee, Egg, Mushroom Topped Ramen

because I like food and well taken pictures of food make me happy. I implore you to find what makes you happy, as long as it legal and doesn’t hurt any one else, go for it. Share it with the rest of us if you will. Feel free to like the Instagram photos and leave comments on the blog.

**The above is the extended notes of the podcast to be published within the hour.*

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