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In this episode I celebrated the holiday season and writing and reading about everything Prince.  I am not adding anything new to the narrative I am simply compiling facts just in case you haven’t thought about his music for a minute.

Revolutionary and Controversial


—Discuss the Lyrics Let’s Go Crazy Mix of Religious Symbols and His music

— Discuss Spirituality and why Michael Jackson and Prince differed but not really. “Prince admitted the two had talked about the challenges of mixing fame with a religious journey. He said that it was difficult for both of them, and he personally couldn’t have done it at a younger point in his life. He wished he could have talked to Michael more about it before he died.” Dudley Brooks, Washington Post

My personal collection of Prince’s music went off the rails and was sketch between his 84 and 2015.

-1984 Around the World

-1986 Parade, Release Under The Cherry Moon

-1987 Sign of the Times

—-Transition and lots of critics including the African American Community needed to go and sit down somewhere

-1987 Black Album-Pulled at the last minute originally only bootlegged copies got out to the public.


-1988 Love Sexy

-1991 Diamonds and Pearl, I had this cassette

——1992 Prince v Warner Brothers Music——

    Wanted more control over his work, ownership of the masters and he wanted to be paid for the work, contract 1992 did so at 100 million bones

As he said in his 2004 induction speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, “When I first started out in the music industry, I was most concerned with freedom. Freedom to produce, freedom to play all the instruments on my records, freedom to say anything I wanted to.” That obsession remained until the end.

-1992 Love Symbol Album

-1995 The Gold Experience, Prince became the Artist     

            Formerly Known As Prince

—1996 Emancipation, Released from Warner contract and would start releasing music through his NPG label

—-1997 First to offer to sell albums directly to the fans

—1999 Napster Created And music streaming

—2001 Itunes Created

-2004 Musicology I got free at his concert in Philly

-2006 3121, Last #1 Album

-2007 Planet Earth,  I have the 2nd Pressing

-2014 Received all his masters back from Warner

-2015 HitNRun and HitNRun Phase Two released

“Music sets the mood; Prince’s music set the mood, told the story, blew your mind, comforted your sudden vulnerability, and made pancakes for you in the morning. All because it was pure, amazing, and speaking at you. Its purity dismantled accusations of motive and became a blueprint on how to live free. Prince created the world he wanted to live in, then lived in it among all of us in our present one. It never fit our norms but rather than ridicule, we admired.” Andre Carlisle May 2016

Most of his songs are like the background track music of my life. You always feel as though it will forever be there or playing, then all of sudden but not forgotten.

I hope you enjoyed this brief synopsis of one of the greatest artist of our times as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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