Cousin Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s Detractors…Piers Morgan Scorned and Off Air and the Markle Clan…Code Stroke ? Mr. Markle the Rest of them need to go sit down somewhere…

You are responsible for your words, and it seemed the attacks felt very personal and particularly more disgusting with extra digs coming from one Piers Morgan. He was acting like someone scorned. Well wait, she actually did kick him to the curb…

Someone really needs to check on Meghan’s father, what was I watching an evolving stroke or residual effects of a previous illness. And his babies from other mama’s need to go and sit down somewhere…Check out the Podcast with my reaction to the original interview and the reaction of the world on my Podcast available for free for a limited time.

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**Full Notes for Podcast**

So what was the beef with Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle? So back in 2014 or 2015 when the Duchess Cousin was still an actress on the show Suits, which I never watched, she made a connection with Piers Morgan by “sliding into his DMs”. But after their one drink at some bar in London, she went to a private party later the same day and met Harry, yes…Prince Harry. Long Green 1200 year monarchy Harry. And she ghosts him. I am not as fine as she is, but I know how fine Harry is. And even I know there is no comparison between these 2 Brits but here we go. Who would you choose? A washed up member of the British press service versus the Duke of Sussex? Why would she put a potential relationship with a Prince in jeopardy by continuing a relationship who is a member of the Tabloid press? That doesn’t make any sense and why would anyone hold her to that?

Sour grapes? Oh yeah. It appears that Piers Morgan is still smarting from a female that dared to diss him. He needs to stop it, with his flag waving she will destroy monarchy BS, because he did not become such a supporter until she dissed him. His running vicious commentary is just very vindictive and it’s petty and it’s small. And do you realize there is no way that she could actually have a real relationship with him being in her position because I know he would use their friendship to have direct access to the royal family and nobody does that. Sorry bro, nobody does that so you need to get over yourself. Your direct line to the Monarchy never was, and your continued trashing of her diminishes you and makes you look like a pathetic bully. As your former co-host on Good Morning Britain called you out…

Video: Piers Morgan and Alex Beresford in tense confrontation over race on GMB
‘Just because we’re on the same side, doesn’t mean we have the same view.’

Yes former, because it was reported late this afternoon, he is no longer on the show. He walked off the show like a pouting Baby Bitch. I love when you call out a bully. Finally, somebody is hitting him in the pockets because of his wretched behavior. Doubling down on stupid, when you are wrong and admitting it is a difficult thing. But when you are dead ass wrong, you have to admit it because no one wants someone to continue to be hurt by your actions for something that you say and you actually have to apologize and correct if possible.

But let’s take a closer look at apologies if someone calls you out on a lie or your hurtful actions and the person who is hurt is open to a sincere apology, you apologize and mean it. But don’t double down on the lie or the hurtful behavior without even recognizing it. That in itself is the issue. This couple called out the press and their own family on some significant hurtful things said and behavior. If the person you hurt won’t accept your apology or if they accept it but they don’t accept your presence in your life, that is their prerogative. Apologies without sincerity is basically the same as no apology at all. And for this guy to come at this couple again and then run off the stage like a pouting baby bully is in itself appalling. And he should be ashamed of himself. He’s basically acting like a privileged guy again scorned and an abuse who says it’s OK for him to be vindictive be malicious with no grounds and they have to tolerate it and they are not allowed to respond. That is classic abusive behavior and it should not be allowed. Yes he went too far and yes the other members of the scandal sheets went too far. And there is a reckoning on the horizon.

Royal Family Reaction…Clipped and Not helpful..A Palace spokesman said: “The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan. “The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. Whilst some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. “Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members.”

The British public at large seem really unfazed and they recognized the viciousness of the tabloids, racism even in the royal family, and the wrong-footed handling of a couple in distress.

Code Stroke...Can someone check on Duchess Cousin Meghan’s Daddy? As far as Jr and that sister, ya’ll need to stop.

Can’t choose your family and you can’t kill them. You can keep them at arms distance so they can’t get close enough to stab you.

Duchess Cousin Meghan’s father’s isolation is of his own doing. She asked him to not stay quiet in dignity. He refused. He wouldn’t listen to Harry. He got played by an unscrupulous so called stylist. They told your butt to go to go sit down somewhere and you did not listen in fact. You hung up on Harry by your admission when he pointed this out. Your own actions cut you off from your daughter. I am only feel sorry for you in a pure clinical sense you seem ill. But your actions have put you in the singular position to deal with it on your own.

Samantha changed name back to Markle after Duchess Cousin Meghan became engaged to Prince Harry and then has a tell all book that should be maybe a paragraph because according to cousin Meghan 28 years not in her life in any meaningful way. And the your not so big half brother whining because sounds like sibling rivalry, how can this girl from nowhere dare have the love of his father, a successful actress and now dare marry a Prince. Sounds again like sour grapes, and no wonder she ghosted. But how can you ghost somebody that you never had relationship with?

The most watched family. Little did we know the turmoil on the horizon.

These dresses Witchy Poo Kate made Meghan cry on her damn wedding girl bye…I don’t have the right temperment for this level of class…

It would be great if they could get back to this cool smooth happy couple, or the next phase dorky parents of 2 kids….happy balanced.

Just the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Happy

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