TNFro Is Reading…Rest In Power, What Do Prince Philip, DMX, Lizzo, Donna, EWF,Whitney Have In Common? Nerds Buying Nerd -Ish, NASA, Still Writing Nerdy Stuff-Listeners 2.0

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Rest In Power

Prince Philip (King’s Speech)


Nerds Buying Nerdy Stuff

NASA Lego Time–Arrived Last Week!!

Writing Nerdy Stuff

” She distractedly picks up and taps the screen and takes a large bite and slurps up the soup swallowing and saying,

The Chinese are at it again.

The wall monitors lights up vertigo inducing swoop into the cameras and what appears to be some governmental office with Asian technicians all running around frantically and monitors all with snow,  there’s no audio to go with the frantic scene on monitors. Felicity then makes a shooting sign with her fingers then blowing the pretend smoke away. Then another vomit inducing swoop as CNN and MSNBC all report on the Nikkei, Nasdaq, and the London Stock market fall 2000 points before trade is halted with all the boards going dark. Then a clear shimmering coiffed skeleton laughing the classic Vincent Price voice with Don Lemon from CNN saying,”Does that skeleton have an Afro?” Felicity yelling at and simultaneously giving the middle finger to the screen,”Yes bitch she does!”

The western world has attempted to divert attention from their own theft, industrial espionage, and subterfuge. Blaming the Russians and Chinese for all the same shenanigans and shady tactics started by the imperial colonizer Brits and the Uber-colonist Americans. Competition in the US financial markets and global business markets is so fierce that major players especially in the States had no moral restraint or false compunction to do whatever necessary to win to make profit at the largest margin. The competition just kept going lower and lower. Trying to win employing  dirtier and dirtier tactics. And these Western business bitches are some sociopathic kleptomaniac hoes.

Felicity yells, “Thievin’ pieces of shit. That’s what they get.” Followed by a gutteral harumph and a string of Klingon curses and high fives with her husband. Felicity was the hot-head of the nerdy dynamic duo but both could calm and encourage the other in a way no one could. The mutual understanding and their connection was years in the making. ” Full Reading of My Online Sci-Fi Listeners On My Premium

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