Side Eye Side Bar…Adulting Is For The Birds

Adulting is so tiring 

This being a productive adult and a citizen is really tough. You go to work on time. You pay your bills on time.

I am genuinely afraid for us, as more people seem to be opting out of participating in a democratic society. Are they so fatigued or uninterested with this disheartening conservative swing to the right.

Flip the Desk in Frustration

As this new wave of conservative seeks to dismantle our rights. There are forces actively working to restrict the absolute right as a citizen to vote, invoking paternalistically laws to manage female bodies, and to restrict our ability to educate ourselves as broadly as possible.

Our political options for office appear slim. We have sociopathic clones in khakis and Hells angels founder, ex-felons running for office. Who are we supposed to legitimately vote for? It seems we are returning to the days of witch-doctors masquerading as medical professionals, as we dismantle our public health system. Return to days where dangerous back alley abortions will become the norm. Rallies with book burnings from righteous overly concerned parents of the ultra religious right, going straight for any LGBTQ literature or taking a torch to the 1619 Project or critical race theory, start policing our libraries as we slip further and further until a more restrictive conservative reality.

I want to be clear you can’t have it both ways. If you want to really focus on a centrist Republican agenda like the economy you have to realize if people are dead, they don’t work. So a rebond in the economy is not sustainable. If you want to focus on education you can’t restrict students ability to learn and process the broadest amount of information. You get a bunch of robots unable to think creatively, unfit to lead and to create any original idea. We are never going to emerge from a pandemic by wish it away. You have to follow the science. Putting in safeguards to ensure the recovery that is the only way we’re going to emerge victorious against this scrooge. You can’t go backwards and think you’re going to catapult forwards, it it doesn’t work that way.

It appears that the democratic agenda is completely tone deaf. We continued to focus on the Spectre of a sociopath, instead of speaking to the real issues with realistic plans to improve and a strategy continue march towards safety secure, and embracing diversity.

The Democratic plan should be like a well trained boxer, stick and move. Associate or Chump pundent-Slap! Low test scores, low valuable worker pool plan to re-vamp head start, improve access to community college, improving access to high school Advanced Placement or highlight those areas doing just that…POW! Increasing the middle class tax base by making the state business friendly but large corporations still paying their fair share. Look at What the state can do to enhance financing for small business in a proactive way. A real plan to sure up social safety nets without backrupting future generations. That is how we are going to win minds across the aisles. Finding common ground with real plans to go forward. That in itself is a real superpower.

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