Do You Know Your Purpose? Well actually I do.

I am thinking as I take a break from work, preparing to take the trash out, turning up the heater on my pool(yeah I know don’t hate) thinking about how to shore up the story arc of my Podcast script.

What is so different in this season of my life? For the first time in 21 years I am not stressed about finances or my job or lack thereof. I am feeling settled which is a bit unsettling. You wait for the other shoe to drop but now if it does drop, I check the size and if it fits I wear it. When you know your purpose you have the confidence to continue in it and excel. If some trial happens, you will probably not die and simply pivot. You will be ok!

Also, life is filled with choices. We can define our own destiny but don’t forget we still have to exist cooperatively in society. I still have the responsibility not to cause harm to anyone else and to make sure my dog,

Ethel Mertz

#ethelmertz thrives. For example I will stop writing, when it is no longer fun. Walking in your purpose is challenging because the road is rife with potholes and pit stops, but you go around and keep on walking thru.

Times are challenging and they are hard. It wouldn’t be life without a struggle, because we wouldn’t pivot. You have to go through something to get through it. But don’t give up. Keep pushing. Remember Dream, Hustle, Repeat!

One thought on “Do You Know Your Purpose? Well actually I do.

  1. Yvonne Patrick says:

    Applause! Applause! Definite wisdom here, especially with the final words of “…Dream, Hustle, Repeat!” Cheers! 😊

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