TNFro wants you to…Listen to Adele’s new album

Out of heartbreak comes art, hopefully to pull us out of our fog of depression.

“I knew I had to tell his story in a song because it was very clear he was feeling it, even though I thought I was doing a very good job of being like, ‘Everything’s fine.’ But I also knew I wasn’t being as present. I was just so consumed by so many different feelings. And he plucked up the courage to very articulately say to me, ‘You’re basically a ghost. You might as well not be here.’ What kind of poet is that? For him to be little and say ‘I can’t see you’ to my face broke my heart.” Adele

All Night Parking Adele 2021, 30 Album

Kids put you on blast don’t they? I challenge you to put on a jacket walk the dog or sit next to your pool

Heated Saltwater pool, My House…God is Good!

and just write. I dare you to be present, soak in the sun and just be…easy.

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