The Melanated Nerd Is Reflecting on Resilience, Hope, Bravery in TN, KY, and Midwest

Pray, Meditate, or Reflect on This Devastation. So much need, and what are we doing to help? We are in the Advent Season Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

In spite of the devastation, they are digging out, grieving, and rebuilding. Getting on with life.

PHOTO Mayfield Kentucky Strong Wallpaper

People are seriously putting their lives Back together….I notice Mark Cuban the Top Donator of One of the Many Funds

Mark Cuban Did it So Can you!

If you are balling like that, donate but donate what you can. American Red Cross, Salvation Army and other reputable source.

I am so thankful for being spared, living to enjoy another sunrise. I go forward to work, write, and to pray for another day!

I am Alive!!

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