The Melanated Nerds Is Writing 4 Bridges Over Chattanooga

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To my chagrin, I read an article in Today Times Free Press that reminds me of my Character, Wanda Byrd. Except Wanda is Black and a fictional character of my own design.

Chapter 1-4 Bridges Over Chattanooga

Walnut Street Walking Bridge, Chattanooga TN

4 Bridges Over Chattanooga…So Not Bridges Over Madison County or Is it Just Melanated?

This is the true story of wretchedness survival in a city in the dirty South. Gig City, Chatta- Boogie to those in the know, my hometown Chattanooga Tennessee.

Oh, who am I? The only female city worker with a natural Michael Jackson size Afro. I’m Jacqueline Byrd. Second oldest grandchild of big Mama Wanda Grace only child claimed by my biological father and known as J -boogie to my few close friends because I walk to a Beat in my head and will break out dancing without provocation. I am the youngest daughter, with 2 younger brothers in a family of nine. Born smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Being told by misguided relatives, racist guidance counselors, vice principals, and teachers of what I could not be. I never got to dream and strive for what I wanted to be as a kid. We lived in the Southside Projects on the end of the 12th and nowhere, dreams go to die here. We all were from different fathers and families and support. My older siblings were split between the juvenile criminal system and ended up with paternal relatives. My mother would marry my younger brother’s father before pulling up and moving to Atlanta leaving me with a neighbor until social service tracked down my father’s mother, Big Mama Wanda Grace Byrd. She was not too far away on the Mission Ridge side of town in her shotgun house. I went from dead dreams and derision to a house of Hope….

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Lean into the spirit of this year of counting your blessings, giving to others, and spreading happiness! I know I will!

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