The Melanated Nerd Is Listening…But That Doesn’t Necessarily Mean I Believe Anything You Have To Say

I start this chilly Friday morning doing what I do most every morning.

Get In My Belly

I grind my coffee wait for it to Drip finish. I feed my dog and take my meds. I scan the paper, skipping over something stupid that a state representative has said. I skip over the fact that the Supreme Court is knee capping the President’s ability to respond to a pandemic. I also double check my supply of Ramen toppings, and de-icer because they are calling for winter weather.

I get happier as I read my horoscope and Garfield comic panel and it makes me smile. I fold up the rest of the paper and throw it in the recycling bin. I have gleaned all the inspiration I am going to get from it. So now it can go on for other purposes.

What inspires you? What are your weekend plans?

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