The Melanated Nerd Says Check On Your Strong Friends

Don’t think you know someone by the façade they present on social media.

Check on your friends ask them to hard questions. How are you really doing? Are you OK?

Wish them well give them encouragement even though they swipe away those things. And if you find that they really aren’t doing well try to help them as much as they will allow. Assist them to get help that they need. Be prepared for the difficult answers sometimes they may be in a place that prayers won’t just help them they will need professional help. Make sure they know it’s OK not to be OK and it’s also OK to get the help that they need. First and foremost continue to be kind to yourself always.

Sending light, joy, happiness to the world.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours.

Languages: English, Spanish. Learn more


Help is available.

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