Visit to the public library and James Baldwin

I have been on medical leave for the past month, and the public library has satisfied my almost insatiable need to read. I would have spent a ridiculous amount of money on books that I would have devoured in 3 days then taken up space stacked in a corner. I pay almost 35% of my money in taxes and the support of the public library system is the best use of my money that that the government jacks from me every 2 weeks.  Charlotte Public LIbrary I can go on line to surf the stacks and if they don’t have it at Morrison they will bring it to Morrison and they also pull the books and have them waiting for you. I usually act like I am in Wholefoods and pick up something on my way to the area in the left corner I would have never found on my own. This is how I came to pick up a book of James Baldwin’s poetry and I had to post the following:


Inventory/On Being 52-James Baldwin

My progress report

concerning my journey to the palace of wisdom

is discouraging.

I lack certain indispensable aptitudes. 

Furthermore, it appears

that I packed the wrong things. 

This makes me laugh!!! 

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