How to do a NASCAR Weekend

As I get older, and hopefully I will age like a fine wine, I am finding my interests and even my vocation is taking me outside of the normal scope of existence. Most people at this age are pretty settled, are married or are working on the next one. They are in a committed relationships. Seeing their children off to college. Existing in the everyday grind of their lives. Not me. I am planning my next big adventure, wondering where to next. God willing I will have that next adventure!

List of must have items for Race Weekend:

1. Tickets close to start but covered

2. Rolling cooler with a 6 pack of favorite beer and water, electrolyte packets

3. Map of food stands to include where the candied bacon and fried bologna sandwich smoked turkey legs are located.

4. Sunglasses

5. Scanner is optional the drivers not real chatty when they are hitting it hard but great noise canceling capabilities, but you still feel the engines in your bones…

6. Evian spritzer to keep you cool

7. Graphic tee shirt with your favorite race car driver 

8 Cheweable Pepto to take because of everything you will eat from #3

9 5 or 6 friends with likeminded goal of watching, eating crap, and talking smack about all the other teams. Vegans and people on gluten free diets or tee-totalers, this is not the place for you. And if you happen to get invited accidently we will punt kick you back to the the nearest airport. Generally NASCAR fans are a bit rowdy but respectful. We are intolerant of people judging us for what they don’t understand.

10. Luxury coach with golf cart to camp outside of track but there are many full sevice 4 Star hotels for the lesser inclined.  if you want a bit of privacy the infield is not for you.

11. VIP tickets to craft beer garden with access to the largest self pour station in the country.. .22 microbreweries and counting in NC


12. More than a Krispie Kreme needed if you sample 16 out of the 22 above on display. 

13. Morning after food: Advil, bottled water a sandwich made of 2 Krispy Kreme donuts, bacon, egg and cheese

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