Book Club…Title Pending. First Run at Barracoon and suggested readings.

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Closer to me now than you think

I just realized I am the African American female version of the guy in the picture with my bike parked behind me, OGIO book-bag, Macbook, iPads, and book. I wanted to start a running list of potential reads. This week at work was tolerable, just everything outside of work, has been fraught with sadness with the untimely passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Of course I didn’t know either person, but they both bought happiness to my life and the world. I hope we can learn from them still and be more understanding because we only see a small representation of anyone at any given time. We can possibly understand what is going on in someone’s personal life or what home is really like or how they deal with those things. I am hopeful, this great loss will make me more grateful, loving, and respectful of others.

Barracoon. BarracoonThis book is only 112 pages which I didn’t realized until I received my copy. The narrator, Mr. Kossula wasn’t bought to our country until he was 19 years old. So without the distraction of TV and social media, his memory was astonishing. Some of the questions I had were did he ever get back home to Africa or was there ever an reunion of any of his surviving relatives? His survival across the Middle Passage was astonishing, then he survives slavery and the Jim Crow South. Was he safe in Africatown or Plateau, AL?

So I have created the Book Club List on Amazon. It is a public list, so feel free to add suggestions for the group read. Book Club Title Pending List On Amazon

  • Kitchen Confidential…Adventure in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain. Oh my GOD!!! This is available now through Audible and it is in his own words!! He’s reading it in his snarky tones! I so want the hardback(bummed that I didn’t get it at the last Southbeach Wine and Food Festival to get him to sign it…) and definitely the audible version! Kitchen Confidential







  • Style By Kate Spade Kate Spade Book This is not a treatise on What Not to Wear. It is a lighthearted look at what it takes to be stylish. Yes, very girlie but again extension of the persona of a gifted stylist.

I hope the addition of these titles are of interest to the group, and I welcome thoughts on the selections.

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