#NCFro Bikes Greenville NC Green Trail

I  spent the better part of my day on net the Greenville bike trail

Greenway Bike Trail Greenville


a little over 6 miles wheeling on a bike that I hardly ever use but in the past few weeks evidently I become extremely outdoorsy.  Well not really let me just stop frontin’. But if the bugs are under control it is not hot like it’s in Africa, I have no problems.

Evidently there’s a whole etiquette to being on the bike trail you should always pass to the right it warm people when you’re getting ready to pass them. Evidently the pedestrians on the Greenway here in Greenville don’t usually see African-Americans biking so that’s an opportunity to stop and stare. Or there’s not a lot of people on the trail so they think it’s okay to stop in the middle of the trail to hold conversations with their eight person group. However,  “Get the hell out of my way” works effectively everywhere.

I decreased my carbon imprint instead of cranking up my 30 gallon non-eco-friendly F1 50, who I affectionately call BeastLa,


My F150, I love her but she hasn’t been this clean since.

because I now bike back and forth to work.

In North Carolina, this can be a little tricky because I am right in the middle of a swamp that they drain couple hundreds of years ago. And it can be like the video game of the 80s Frogger while trying to cross W. Arlington Blvd., but I have decreased my carbon imprint greatly. On the bike trail, I get to see snapping turtles






something called Lizard’s Tail IMG_0193 and a bunch of prehistoric looking winged insects some I think are dragonflies some I think are just big ass mosquitoes.

I’ve also had the opportunity to think of a few things. For example there is an extensive bike trail that runs Raleigh that one weekend I think I’m going to try to do. I think it would have to make some more adjustments on my bike because I don’t think the seat is high enough it’s still pretty hard on my knees biking the 6 miles that I actually did here in Greenville.  Also I had to very disgusting things that were very good for me that I actually picked up from whole foods while I was in Raleigh. I was a little ticked off that #WholeFoods took so long to get to North Carolina proper, but at the same time there is no excuse for something tasting this nasty. I had something called the ginger shot Cold Pressed Juicewhich is has to ingredients ginger and lemon it was 2 ounces of badness.  the taste of this was so bad, that all the threats of my youth in which my mother threatened to slap the taste out of my mouth when she was alive to do it. But the meat lovers pizza from Pizza Hut and the Michelob ultra basically negated that nonsense. I also had something called the RX bar Rx Barwhich has a combination of egg whites almonds catch you and dates and no BS just realized it had mint chocolate that would comprise the two bites at this bar was. Again it is 52 g of nastiness. I felt so good and cleansed to make that green culinary experience feel worth it. But eating these two very wholesome things only made me crave  Ramen noodles even more.

But all in all the whole day was just satisfying. I just need to figure out how I could save time checking on my properties in Fayetteville and Lumberton but spending most of my time here in Greenville. It doesn’t take a whole bunch to make me happy. I’ve found that as long as I have a high-powered or high-speed Internet connection access to a comfortable and safe movie  theater, and great Japanese or Korean or Chinese food, I’m actually satisfied. And also it takes a well-maintained and safe bike trail because evidently I like that too. All in all, this Sunday was so great! I look forward to the next time that I can repeat this.

anniversary arrangement blossom bouquet

Photo by Pixabay on Old School Elegant

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