#Bookclub 2018 and #NCFroIsReading Midnight In the Garden Of Good And Evil by Berendt

I find my thoughts are expressed by others in better prose than I could ever create. BookClub 2018 will be discussing Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil by Berendt a nonfiction account of the cast of characters in 1980s Savannah, GA. Old Savannah, new Savannah, Black Savannah, White Savannah, Crazy Savannah, Homicidal Savannah, and Homophobic Savannah rolled into a collection of accounts of the times. The N-word was used liberally through the entire book, so much so I thought I was reading a transcript of a rap song uttered from the genteel lips of Savannah’s elite. Racism and hate in general was still rampant in Savannah’s society then and reflected in society at large. Savannah and its characters seem to want to be portrayed as progressive and cosmopolitan by holding onto 19th century ideals and architecture, you can’t have it both ways. But it did create a guide of sorts because after the books release then the Clint Eastwood Movie, tourism went up just to see if all of it was true, and unfortunately it all was. #BookClub2018  


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