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For the next 2 weeks I will not be video sharing #Bookclub2018. But I plan on finishing up Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil Audio, going to Mary Washington’s Homecoming, traveling to DC for the Dallas v. Redskins game, and attending a wine tasting. Although, the racist eccentricities of the inhabitants of Savannah were a bit off putting it did make for good reading!

What my schedule has become is Tuesday’s are jammed pack with prep for Bookclub, North Carolina Bookwatch, Bookclub(post or videshare) and then watching Great American Book Read. Please make sure to vote for your favorite book!

I realized I have seen many movies of the selections here, and I don’t think any of them except Color Purple was able to capture the richness of the book experience.

Couple of questions, although black society’s version of the Debutante Ball was better than the Caucasian version in Savannah, why did Lady Chablis need to show out? She was obviously the most fabulous there, why did she have to destroy it all? Savannah underwent a renaissance with better financing and remodeling and rebuilding, where is it now?

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