NCFroIs Reading and Drinking Syrah…

In this episode I will be summarizing the 4 wines toasted in my last 4 online Traveling Vineyard events and discussing who made me want to give them the double 1/2 peace sign, why Elizabeth Warren is a bit of a Whack-a-doodle, and the Bookclub 2019 reboot. To celebrate that reboot and National Poetry Month, I will be reading from Isabel Wilkerson The Warmth of Other Suns with her introduction which included a poem from the great African American Writer and Poet Richard Wright

I was leaving the South

To fling myself into the unknown…

I was taking a part of the South

To transplant in alien soil,

To see if it could grow differently,

If it could drink of new and cool rains, 

Bend in strange winds, 

Respond to the warmth of other suns

And, perhaps, to bloom.

                       –Richard Wright

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