Sip and Read with @NCFro, Tales of Genji, White Trash and The Warmth of Other Suns

I will never win the lottery, but I think my boredom and distaste for conventional forms of entertainment has pushed my intent to create content that uplifts and entertains me, but it should be shared with the world. The distractions of adult life, like my day job, prohibits my ability to create better content. It takes time to do all of this y’all, and time is money. The research and scripting, albeit loose scripting, will only improve with attention to the editing and then publication. So please become a patron if you want more for NC and TNFro go to to become a patron today! Thanks!

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I will be sippin Activist a 2016 Syrah from my on line vineyard and giving my thoughts on Tales of Genji, White Trash and The Warmth of Other Suns

2 Words and Thought, Not So Random By TNFro, The Unpoet

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop? 

3 according to the owl, 364 according to engineering students at Purdue.

How many words to release a soul?


What are they?

Accelerated Resignation.

You mean I can leave, right now? Yes.

Cool. Most freeing of words ever spoken.

I do.

What will you do and when?

Marry him?

Nope, I have never been asked.

Thank God.

You dodged a bullet.

Survivor Guilt.

Feeling bad secondary to living through a tragedy.

Realizing the tragedy is time lost never to be regained and the moment always being on autoplay making rest impossible.

Buyer’s Remorse

Purchase of a home, car, plus sized onesie, that’s not hot.

Can I take it back?

Pathetic Loser

Most of the guys I have dumped. I wonder if they thought the same about me.

What will you do for a…?

Fill in the blank. Klondike Bar, Louis Vuitton Purse, Hermes scarf?

Evidently work 100 hours per week for 20 years straight.

Purpose of all of this?

Random thoughts or precise observations.

You decide. 

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