TNFro Crowdfunding Request

My Book Arrived Tuesday!!!!

I will never win the lottery at least I don’t think I will.

My complete boredom and distaste for conventional forms of entertainment has pushed my intent to create content that uplifts and entertains me, but why not share it with the world.

First, who is the girl in front of the big ol’ truck. Oh yes, that is my truck, at least for the next 72 payments. In 2017 I picked it up said truck in TX, shout out to Terry Hill at then Autoflex Auto leasing, bought a used 30 year old RV and pulled it to Oregon. Yes, child, the chick with a Fro would camp across the US. Visit lakes on top of extinct volcanoes with the clearest of blue waters, search out waterfalls and chase the sun, that had difficulty showing its face in that rainforest.

Yes, less than 10 months later, I ran screaming back across the country but not before hanging out in the Grand Canyon. I had to get home to a real house, 4 walls and my back porch.

But all I want more than anything, is travel with true friends, go to football games (Cowboys for Life Bitches!!!) see the cherry blossoms, and surround myself with positivity.

In the meantime, I have self-published my first book, Not My Family and I want to see it reviewed in the NY Times Book Review, yes I think it is that good! And I am working on my second book, based right here in Chattanooga based on the premise if I won the billion-dollar Lotto.

What about Chattanooga, in the Dirty or not so dirty in this case or Why in Chattanooga…No prize that large has ever been won in TN. I have been given an extraordinary opportunity to do pretty ordinary work, and I love it! It’s not lost on me that I will be able to afford chasing sunsets, following the cherry blossom blooms and off to not so extinct volcanoes, in the most exotic locals on EARTH. Or…just kick back on the the greatest beaches on either coast of the United states, but I want to share that with well, everyone.

I am the Ruth of Podcasts seeking a Boaz (male or female, individual or corporate) to support my mission to have a positive impact on this life and to encourage others. That was a Biblical reference but the theme of the podcast or even my blog doesn’t have a religious bent more contemplative. My hope is to spread the girl power heroine message because that message can’t be told enough.

It takes courage and a lot of hard work if you want to re-write your life narrative.

My inspiration is everything and everyone I see and meet in this life.

But, it takes time to develop, research and publish next level content.

It takes time and money, because true quality comes at a price.

This is why I want your support, let’s keep it going…see you at the next book fair!! to donate to my podcast and navigate to to purchase my book.

Thanks for your support!

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