TNFro Is Reading American Kingpin and Unlearn

My Sunday’s Are a Beginning

By TNFro, The Unpoet


I start by looking forward to another day.

I watch the sunrise over Lookout Mountain.

The whir of the coffee grinder for the local roasters, Mean Mug (Shout out)

The Sunday NY Times in no particular order,

Front page literally yelling at a piece, someone taking credit for decisions and policies of the

Obama administration.

On to the Style, Travel, Arts, and Book Review.

The background music of life Duke Ellington, Aretha Blues cover from 1969, sprinkled with a little

   Frank Sinatra.

Off to brunch with friends.

Listen to family stories.

A hug from a non-hugger.

Just being present is an act of kindness.

I reaffirm Gayle’s comment on CBS, you can never go wrong with kindness.

Back home to dream, to write, to create.

Today I remember the fallen on the battlefield, the highways, the building on fire, and the beat cop,  

 those that protect us every day, thanks for your service.

Today, I will endeavor to stop taking stuff for granted.

I will have a full day to declutter my mind from a few ideas, that is golden.

Not everyone can go where I have to go.

Not everyone has to support every idea thread.

Encourage, discourage, silence; it’s all the same I will keep going.

Ride or die is not a requirement to roll with me.

I’m ok, it’s really all good.

I am honored to write all day for a cool employer.

I get to research what I don’t know and be taught by leaders in their specialties.

But there is so much more to do, say, see, and create.

I want to be an un-stranger.

When people see me

I want them to say, ”I know you, right?”

And I want to respond, “Maybe, let’s see from where.”

And that starts a trippy discussion of the possibilities.

Why not be the one?

So here is to the beginning.

Hi, I’m Felicia, don’t I know you?


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